Our Story

Savannah Sauce Company’s product line includes hot sauces, ketchups, BBQ sauce, marinades, and other assorted sauces. We allocate profits from sales to go towards helping homeless Veterans. Our president developed a program called “Tiny Homes for Big Heroes”. This program helps organizations that work with the homelsss to build, furnish, and supply tiny homes for homeless veterans in sustainable communities. We have helped with Stand Downs and donated clothing and food items for homeless Veterans. Our president authored a cookbook using our sauces, and the talents of chefs from around the country, to help assist with the building of tiny homes for homeless Veterans.

Our president also founded TigerCo Marketing a student-run company that markets Tiger's Awesome Sauce, a sauce gifted to the students of the Savannah State University College of Business.The students actually run the company and the reveues are donated to the College of Business to fund competitive micro loans for the students. Theorectically, if a student enters the program as a freshman, he/she will have (4) years practical experience in their chosen field. This eliminates the "No Experience" barrier to entering the job market. The micro lending eliminates the second barrier of access to capital/credit. We hope that this sustainable model will become a template for universities across the nations.